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vmeets is a modern digital experience platform for immersive and interactive virtual events that create real engagements, deliver data and drive revenue.

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vmeets uses proprietary technologies to help you manage your events by integrating ticket sales, lead capture, attendee registration, event setup, exhibitor management, post-event reporting and the entire virtual event experience - all in one fully automated platform.

Create visually exciting digital experience with the use of our carefully crafted tech tools. Your attendees will love the 2D and 3D graphical interface, on-demand and live webinars, private one-to-one meetings, group networking, and a whole lot of virtual interaction tools.

Empower your exhibitors to provide superior customer engagement with the help of customised interactive 2D and 3D booths, data-driven tools, on-demand videos, document downloads, audio/video interactions, virtual workshops, break-out sessions and a comprehensive engagement report.

vmeets Features

Event Registration

Apply your branding with customizable registration pages Create an attractive registration page for your event attendees with a wide range of landing page templates and DIY tools

Welcome Videos

Let your attendees experience a beautiful 3D rendered fly-in video with multiple branding opportunities built-in.
Greet your attendees with a warm welcome as soon as they enter the lobby


An interactive 3D rendered lobby designed to mimic the feel and functionality of a physical event.

Create amazing event experiences easily

vmeets is your tech partner for everything you need to setup, manage and execute an impactful virtual event at an affordable price.


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